The idea of a fine home furnishings store came from years of shopping for home decor with family and friends with varied tastes. "I liked so many decorating styles, and had trouble figuring out which was just right for me and my home. When I finally realized that I could mix what I loved of different styles, from contemporary to primitive, and the "home fashion police" would not come for me, I found my own style. That eclectic mix is what led me to open a home furnishings and accessories store with products that would appeal to everyone."

Knowing what kind of store it would be was just the first step. It took over two years to find the right location. The Shoppes at Pickering Mill was a grist mill that had been converted to shops and restaurants. After updates and renovations to the building, Dragonfly opened in 2007. And in 2009, in order to accomodate a new tenant in the building, moved around the corner to a whole new space.

Dragonfly has found a great home here in Chester Springs, and is going strong. "Customers say that we are the best place around to buy a hostess gift. The positive response to the building improvements and especially to the store, makes it all worth while." The shop offers an eclectic mix of not only furnishings and accessories for all areas of the home, but also for those who live there.

"When buying for the store, I look at my life, what I like, what I had trouble finding when decorating, and I ask for the input of friends, family and customers. I won't buy it unless I like it. So far that philosophy has worked. I had a vision for this shop, and when asked if it has turned out the way I hoped, I can honestly say, 'even better'."

– Sandy Faust-Mesropian